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Getting help resolving your tax liabilities can be very confusing. Many tax debt relief companies out there have unrealistic sales pitches promising to instantly eliminate your tax liabilities. Don't be fooled by their exaggerated claims and false promises. Many of these firms don't even have tax lawyers on staff. They likely will hand off your file to a team of rotating assistants and team leaders who add your file to their mountain of cases. 

Some will promise they can reduce your liability by a huge percentage, or reduce it to "pennies on the dollar" and will require a large initial retainer based on that promise. In reality, many taxpayers will not even qualify for an offer in compromise based on their financial situation. But these firms will go through the motions for many months, often for over a year, before the proposal is rejected and you are back at square one, all the while you have accumulated additional penalties and interest.

You will find that their initial retainer - which they promised should take care of everything - is eaten up in the first few weeks. For more information, see IRS Notice re Unscrupulous Offer in Compromise Mills.

With our firm, you will deal directly with a tax attorney trained in the most current tax laws, IRS codes and regulations, who has the experience in dealing and negotiating with the IRS to resolve your tax debts as quickly and as favorably as possible. An honest evaluation of your financial position will determine if, in fact, you are likely to qualify for an offer in compromise, or if another resolution strategy is best. And whatever approach we agree is best to pursue, we can streamline the process to avoid unnecessary paperwork, time and expense.

We have the experience to help with your tax issues including back taxes, unfiled tax returns, bank levies, wage garnishments, IRS substitute for returns and audit reconsiderations, notice of intent to levy, federal tax liens, tax penalties and penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, business tax returns and unpaid business and payroll taxes, tax debt settlement through affordable installment agreement, hardship payment plan, non-collectible status and offer in compromise.

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