Partial Pay or Hardship Installment Agreement

If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise or Currently Not Collectible status, but you still cannot pay your entire tax liability in full in one payment, the IRS offers the Installment Agreement plan. The IRS will usually allow an Installment Agreement as long as it is set up to allow payment of the debt in the shortest time possible, taking into consideration monthly payments that are realistic based on your overall financial situation or ability to pay. If your financial statement does not show an ability to make monthly payments sufficient to full pay the debt within the normal time period allowed, the IRS may agree to a Partial Pay Installment Agreement or a minimum payment Hardship Installment Agreement. In either case, smaller payments would be made which would not fully payoff the original liability. Any Installment Agreement agreed to by the IRS will prevent enforced collection action, such as seizures, bank levies or wage garnishments, while you remain current with your payment plan.

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